Nova Scotia and PEI Announced Study Permit Allocations

The following are the details on study permit allocations for Nova Scotia, and PEI announced by the province.  

Nova Scotia 

The province of Nova Scotia has recently publicized the details of its study permit allocation for post-secondary institutions.

The province has stated that the federal government has allocated 12,900 study permits for 2024 to it.  

This is almost 7,000 study permits, fewer than the total permits the province approved in 2023. In October 2023, Nova Scotia had roughly 16,000 international students enrolled full-time.

According to the province, study permits will be distributed among 32 designated learning institutions (DLIs). DLIs are the post-secondary institutions in Canada that are only allowed to admit students from overseas.  IRCC stated that there are 41 DLIs in the province of Nova Scotia.

The following is the study permit distribution plan:

  • Around 11,565 permits are allocated to 10 universities in the province and Nova Scotia Community College;
  • 710 to around 12 private career colleges in the province, and
  • 526 to nine language schools in Nova Scotia.

The provincial government noted that it will reserve 99 application slots for the flexibility to adjust to unforeseen circumstances.

Nova Scotia’s Minister of Advanced Education, Brian Wong, stated that we’ve adopted a careful approach to allocating the study permit cap across the province. We’ve taken into account various factors, such as allocating it to our high-demand programs and community growth management.

However, we’ll continue to urge the federal government for more allocations.

Prince Edward Island

The province of Prince Edward Island, or PEI, also announced its study permit allocation for 2024. On March 7, PEI declared that it would issue about 2,000 study permits to international students.

According to PEI, the study permits will be distributed among the following three DLIs:

  • 105 study permits to College de l’Ile.
  • 710 study permits to Holland College.
  • 1185 study permits to the University of Prince Edward Island. 

The Department of Workforce, Advanced Learning, & Population in the province will supply PALs to DLIs.

Then, the DLIs will provide these PALs to international students as a component of their federal student permit application.

Study Permit Allocations in Other Canadian Provinces

Earlier this month, Ontario and British Columbia published their plan for distributing their PALs.

Ontario’s 96% of study permit allocation will go to public universities and colleges. The remaining 4% will be spread between the province’s language schools, private universities, and other institutions. Till now, Ontario has not revealed how many study permits it has been granted by the federal government. 

British Columbia announced that it would distribute around 83,000 study permits. Among them, 53% of study permits will go to public DLIs, while 47% will go to private DLIs.