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Migrate to Europe from India

Embarking on the journey to migrate to Europe is a significant step towards new opportunities and experiences. Meridian PR Immigrations stands as your trusted guide, committed to providing unparalleled assistance throughout the entire process.

With a wealth of expertise in immigration services, Meridian PR ensures a seamless transition, offering comprehensive guidance tailored to your unique needs. From visa applications to settlement support, our team is dedicated to ensuring your journey to Europe is smooth and successful. Trust Meridian PR Immigrations to be your reliable partner in making your dream of a new life in Europe a reality.

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Europe Permanent Residence:

  1. Expert Guidance: Meridian PR Immigrations offers specialized expertise in European immigration laws, providing you with precise guidance tailored to your unique situation.

  2. Comprehensive Services: Our team assists you throughout the entire permanent residency application process, ensuring all necessary documentation is prepared and submitted accurately.

  3. Personalized Support: We understand that each case is unique. Meridian PR Immigrations provides personalized assistance, addressing your specific needs and concerns on the path to European permanent residency.

  4. Smooth Transition: We streamline the complexities of immigration procedures, making your transition to permanent residency in Europe as seamless as possible.

  5. Varied Purposes: Whether you’re seeking permanent residency for employment, family reunification, or other reasons, Meridian PR Immigrations has the knowledge and experience to facilitate your application.

  6. Legal Compliance: Our services ensure strict adherence to European immigration laws, minimizing the risk of complications during the application process.

  7. Reliable Partner: Trust Meridian PR Immigrations as your reliable partner, committed to making your dream of permanent residence in Europe a reality.

Migrate to Europe from India

Why Migrate to Europe from India?

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Explore the allure of Greece by migrating with Meridian PR Immigrations. Enjoy a sun-kissed Mediterranean lifestyle, indulge in delectable cuisine, and immerse yourself in a culture that seamlessly blends ancient charm with modern living. Our expert guidance ensures a hassle-free transition, making your move to Greece swift and gratifying. Embrace the warmth of Greece with Meridian PR.

Benefits of Obtaining a PR in Europe

Greece Immigration News

As of December 14, 2023, the Australian Government has introduced New Ministerial Direction 107, emphasizing the prioritization of student and student guardian visa applications. This directive outlines specific priorities for various sectors within these applications, with the highest precedence granted to student visa applications registered outside Australia. Notably, secondary applicants will receive equal priority to the primary applicant

Australia has launched the ‘Skills in Demand’ visa, set to replace the Temporary Skills Shortage (Subclass 482) visa. This initiative aims to address labor shortages by enabling migrants to fill 800,000 job vacancies. The visa offers a four-year validity and establishes a direct pathway to permanent residency in Australia


How to get Greece PR from India?

  • Explore the various visa and residence permit options available for Greece, considering your purpose of migration (e.g., work, investment, family reunification

Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for the chosen PR route. Criteria may include financial requirements, language proficiency, and other specific conditions.

Gather all required documents, such as passport, proof of financial means, health insurance, and any additional documents specified by the Greek authorities.

Submit a visa application to the Greek Embassy or Consulate in India. Ensure all documents are correctly filled out and submitted.

After arriving in Greece, you may need to apply for a residence permit at the local immigration office. This is typically a necessary step to transition from a visa to a residence permit.

Be prepared for biometric data collection and, in some cases, interviews during the application process.

Fulfill any additional requirements specified during the application process, such as attending interviews, language tests, or medical examinations.

Be prepared for a waiting period during the processing of your application. The duration may vary based on the type of residence permit and the specific circumstances.

Once your application is approved, you will receive your Permanent Residency status, allowing you to live and work in Greece on a more permanent basis.

Ensure ongoing compliance with the regulations and obligations outlined in your PR status, which may include periodic renewals.

Migrate to Europe from India

Europe immigration based on the following Factor:

Requirements for Greece Immigration