Unlock international opportunities with our study abroad program. Explore top destinations like Canada, Australia, US, UK, and Dubai for a world-class education experience with Meridian PR Immigrations.


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Explore top destinations like Canada, Australia, US, UK, and Dubai for a world-class education experience with Meridian PR Immigrations.

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Complete TOEFL Prep Course

Enroll with Meridian PR Immigration and join our TOEFL Prep Course led by an ETS Certified Trainer. Updated for the 2023 format, the course includes 5+ assignments, quizzes, and solved practice questions. Get ready for TOEFL online free!

About this TOEFL Course

With Meridian PR Immigration, enroll in our TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Preparation Course. Tailored to equip you with the skills for TOEFL success, this meticulously crafted program focuses on key modules and offers valuable practice questions to help you achieve your desired TOEFL score.

Course Highlights with Meridian PR Immigration:

  1. ETS Certified TOEFL Trainer: Benefit from the expertise of an ETS (Educational Testing Service) certified TOEFL trainer, ensuring comprehensive and effective exam preparation.

  2. Updated 2023 Exam Format: Our course content is meticulously tailored to the latest TOEFL exam format in 2023, providing you with the most relevant and current preparation.

  3. Solved Sample TOEFL Practice Questions: Enhance your readiness with our course, featuring not only practice questions but also detailed solutions and explanations for each, facilitating a deeper understanding of the exam.

  4. 5+ Assignments & Quizzes: Reinforce your learning and gauge your progress with a variety of assignments and quizzes integrated throughout the course, ensuring you are well-prepared for the TOEFL exam


It’s a free online course aimed at helping students prepare for the TOEFL test, covering Reading, Speaking, Writing, and Listening sections, along with practice questions.

Yes, the course is entirely free, offering full access to all materials without any cost.

It covers reading comprehension, vocabulary, and question-answering strategies to improve academic text understanding.

Yes, it offers strategies for thought organization, pronunciation, fluency, and practice questions for speaking tasks.

Guidance on essay structuring, argument development, and practice questions for both writing tasks.

Free IELTS prepreration


What you learn in Complete IELTS Prepreration ?

With Absolute Immigration, access our comprehensive IELTS Service designed to cater to all your exam preparation needs.

About this IELTS Course

Unlock your full potential with Meridian PR Immigration’s IELTS Preparation Course. Led by a British Council Certified IELTS & PTE Trainer, this comprehensive program provides a thorough exploration of every aspect of the IELTS exam, equipping you with the skills and confidence to excel. Featuring a unique combination of theory, practical exercises, and expert insights, our course guides you from the fundamentals to advanced strategies for each section of the test. Experience expert instruction that goes beyond the basics and prepares you for success in the IELTS examination.

Course Highlights with Meridian PR Immigration:

  1. Skilled Guidance: Receive instruction from a certified trainer endorsed by the British Council.

  2. Thorough Practice: Engage with over 5+ assignments and quizzes for a comprehensive learning experience.

  3. Answered Practice Queries: Explore a diverse set of solved IELTS practice questions to reinforce your understanding.

  4. Individualized Guidance: Obtain personalized feedback to enhance and refine your skills.


Our free IELTS course includes comprehensive modules covering all aspects of the IELTS exam: Introduction to IELTS, Writing Section, Vocabulary, Grammar, Speaking Section, Listening Section, and Reading Section. 

Absolutely! Our course is designed to cater to both beginners and those who have attempted IELTS before. 

The duration to complete the course depends on your schedule and pace of learning. Since it’s a self-paced course, you can take as much time as you need to go through each module thoroughly. 

Yes, you can repeat any module or lesson within the course as many times as you need. Repetition is key to mastering certain areas, especially in sections like Vocabulary and Grammar.

Yes, the course includes practice tests for each section of the IELTS exam. These tests are designed to mimic the format of the actual exam and provide a realistic practice experience.