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Study abroad US

Studying in the USA is like a dream coming true for many students worldwide. It offers excellent scholarship options along with the flexibility to combine courses. And hence, students fancy studying in the USA.


Four reasons to study in Canada :

  1. Academic Excellence Defined: Academic excellence is what sets the US apart from other study destinations. Its universities are ranked among the best universities in the world. The USA offers high academic standards and top-notch quality education to international students

  2. Flexibility in US Education: There is a lot of flexibility that students can exercise while studying in the USA. You can choose your course content and structure. Your preference matters a lot here. You even have the freedom to pursue different courses before they declare your major at the end of the second year of your undergraduate program.

  3. Dynamic Campus Life, US: Campus life in the USA is full of happening moments and unlimited fun. Be it any university, you will always have new and vibrant cultural experiences.

  4. Supporting International Students: International students struggle to settle in a new country, and American universities understand that struggle very well. Hence, to support such students, universities conduct regular workshops, training, and orientation programs. The international student office extends its support to get accustomed to the different lifestyles- in terms of academic, cultural, or social changes


Types of USA Study Visa

  • F-1 Study Visa – This non-immigrant visa is for international students who wish to study at SEVP-approved institutions in the USA. Students enrolled full-time in any course can work off-campus through this visa (only if the student has economic difficulties or needs student assistance).
  • M-1 Study Visa – This visa is for students to enrol for vocational or non-academic study/training at some school in the USA. A student having an M-1 Visa is eligible to apply for various technical programs and vocational training. They can also work without having a work permit until their course completes.
  • J-1 Study Visa – This visa lets students work in the USA as part of any study-based exchange or visitor program. Students can learn, acquire skill training, and teach as a part of their advanced learning process.

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Application procedure for Canadian immigration:

  • The first step is to check the requirements for the program that you wish to enrol in and the application deadline given by the college/university           
  • Prepare your application and collate all the necessary documents specific to your country. Consulting an immigration representative can be very helpful in meeting all the requirements. This step ensures that the chances of your application getting rejected reduce drastically.                                
  • Once the documentation process is complete, and your application is ready, all you need to do is simply submit your application. And there are two ways to submit your application.           
    1. Submit an online application.
    2. Send in a paper application