Canada prioritizing community safety and inclusivity in 2024 budget

Canada is an attractive destination for people worldwide who want to work, study, or settle. A comfortable existence in Canada relies heavily on its safe and inclusive communities, which are crucial for newcomers as well as Canadians. Notably, Canada is prioritizing community safety and inclusivity in the 2024 budget.

In its newly announced 2024 budget, the Canadian government has provided a list of continuous initiatives it is taking to uphold and raise citizens’ trust that their families will be able to live and prosper in safer and more inclusive communities. 

The following article will outline certain measures from the list of Canada’s spending on safety and inclusivity. The complete list and details can be found on the official website of Canada’s Government.

Canada is prioritizing community safety and inclusivity in the 2024 budget.

The following section will outline how Canada maintains its commitment to inclusivity and safety. 

Canadian government’s inclusivity promise continues in budget 2024

Canada is a country of diversity and accepts newcomers from across the world. In particular, budget 2024 claims that Canada has admitted immigrants from worldwide for generations. These immigrants have put in a lot of effort to establish themselves in the new environment and have helped support the economy. That is why Canada is trying to make communities more welcoming, inclusive, and resilient for all citizens.

The following are the measures mentioned in the 2024 budget to uphold and enhance diversity and inclusivity throughout the nation.

Promoting Gender Equality in Canada

The 2024 budget announces spending of more than $190 million to improve accountability and address harassment, abuse, and mistreatment in the sports field. The government believes that this will help encourage gender equality in sports and deal with obstacles to participation. Also, this will particularly help racialized people and other equity-deserving communities.

Overcoming Racism in Canada

Notably, the Canadian government has made a significant investment of $260 million in Canada’s Action Plan on Combating Hate, Canada’s Anti-racism Stray, and the Canada Race Relation Foundation since 2018-2019. This is to overcome hate and racism and to ensure that society is enhanced by Canada’s extraordinary diversity. 

Encouraging the 2SLGBTQI+ Community in Canada

As per the recent budget, Canada has a plan to invest around $150 million within ten years to support and strengthen the first Federal 2SLGBTI+ Action Plan. This initiative is dedicated to emphasizing and supporting 2SLGBTI+ community action, improving and strengthening their rights, and including their issues and concerns in government operations.

Canada’s promise to make communities safer continues in budget 2024.

Canada’s reputation as a safe location to visit, explore, and live both as Canadian and foreign nationals contributes to its status as a top newcomer destination globally.

In fact, as per a late 2023 report, Canada attained a topmost position as the world’s safest country for travel in 2024. 

In order to support its safety commitment for newcomers as well as its citizens, Canada’s government is committed to taking the following actions to make its communities safer, as mentioned in the recent budget.

Safeguarding children in Canada

Beginning 2024-2025, Canada has a plan to invest around $52 million over the five years. In addition, there will be a $2.1 million investment allocated to the remaining amortization. This is to protect children as well as all Canadians. The investment will be used to enforce a duty on online platforms to act responsibly and require them to lower a user’s exposure to harmful content online.

  • In addition, as per the government, this will help establish a Digital Safety Commission. This department will ensure that the abovementioned duty is met correctly. As per the budget, it will appoint a Digital Safety Ombudsperson to advocate and act as a resource for users as well as online harm victims.
  • Moreover, there will be a $2.5 million investment in 2024-25 towards Public Safety Canada. The goal is to support the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. This will prevent and respond to online child sexual exploitation. 
  • Furthermore, there will be a $7.5 million investment over three years to the Public Health Agency of Canada. It will begin in 2024-25 and support Kids Help Phone (KHP). KHP will offer counseling, mental health, and crisis support to young people in Canada

Safeguard Against Hate Crime

Last year, the federal budget allocated $ 49.5 million in investment over five years which began in 2023-24. In addition, an extra $10 million was specified by Public Safety Canada in the autumn of 2023. This investment is dedicated to helping communities at risk of hate-generated violence. This will be used to establish security infrastructure at several gathering places. 

Eliminating workplace harassment in Canada 

The budget 2024 also highlighted an investment of $30 million over three years. It will enable Justice Canada to continue to provide funds for legal advisory and education services for workplace sexual harassment victims. This will begin in 2024-2025.

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