Alberta and Manitoba Begun Issuing Attestation Letters to Students

Recently, Alberta and Manitoba joined British Columbia in implementing a new requirement for international students applying for study permits in Canada. Now, students from overseas must obtain Provincial Attestation Letters (PALs) along with their letter of acceptance to apply for a study permit.

This additional requirement aims to streamline the process for international students and enhance the integrity of the study permit system. By issuing PALs, provinces like Alberta, Manitoba, and British Columbia can verify the authenticity of students’ study plans and ensure they meet the necessary criteria for studying in Canada.

With this development, Alberta and Manitoba are demonstrating their commitment to supporting international education and attracting talented students to their respective provinces. The introduction of PALs reinforces Canada’s reputation as a top destination for international students seeking quality education and diverse learning opportunities.

Alberta and Manitoba Begun issuing Attestation Letters

The provinces Alberta and Manitoba have started issuing the PALs to students accepted to schools in their regions via their regional Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs).

Designated Learning Institutions, or DLIs, in Canada, are the only schools that have permission to admit international students.

The provinces have yet to announce further details on the total number of PALs allocated to both provinces and how they will issue the attestation letters to students. 

How do I apply for a PAL in Alberta?

IRCC noted that Alberta started issuing PALs to students on March 1, 2024. However, there is not much information available regarding the system.

In accordance with the province’s official website, DLIs or post-secondary institutions will require PALs for international students accepted to their schools.  

Further, for more details, the province encourages international students to contact their school’s registrar.

Students may need to demonstrate an additional commitment to study with their respective DLIs in order to apply for a PAL under a DLI. For instance, The DLI province pages, such as the University of Alberta or the University of Calgary, reveal this. As per these, international students will need to pay a deposit and accept the admission offer in order for their DLIs to apply for a PAL from the government of Alberta.

Most universities of Alberta will notify students via email ID (provided on the application) about the availability of their PAL. The student can then download their final study permit application.

How do I apply for a PAL in Manitoba?

In accordance with the IRCC, the government of Manitoba started issuing PALs to international students on March 4, 2024. 

Similar to Alberta’s system, Manitoba’s PALs will be issued via DLIs throughout the province.  

Notably, students who intend to get a PAL from Manitoba must also pay a deposit to their selected DLI before the school can request a PAL on their behalf.

The official page of the University of Manitoba official page reveals that the university will request a non-refundable tuition fee from students of $2,000 CAD paid by credit card before applying for a PAL in the student’s place. 

Notably, students must pay the deposit within ten business days of receiving a decision on the student’s application.

Manitoba’s other DLIs may have different criteria for obtaining PALs on behalf of students.

When applying for PLA, it’s recommended that new students check the requirements properly with the registrar of their selected school.

The provinces will share further details concerning the PALs in the near future. 

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