Latest PNP Results of British Columbia, Manitoba, & Quebec between 22-28 March

Determine the number of candidates who received invitations, the targeted streams, and the needed score in the PNP Results of British Columbia, Manitoba, & Quebec. 

British Columbia

BC’s Upcoming Changes

On March 19, the provincial government of British Columbia declared that it would gradually eliminate the International Graduate and International Post-Graduate streams of its BC PNP. 

The following three new streams will replace these streams:

  • The Bachelor stream—Under this stream, the province will invite candidates with a bachelor’s degrees from eligible post-secondary institutions and a full-time job offer;
  • The Master’s stream—Under this stream, the province will invite recent graduates with Master’s degrees from qualified post-secondary institutions. To register, candidates will require a full-time job offer in a skilled occupation of at least one year period in order to register under this stream; and
  • The Doctorate stream—Under this stream, the province will invite graduates and/or candidates enrolled in doctoral-level programs in qualified post-secondary institutions.

International students who have finished a diploma or certificate program in Canada but are ineligible for these new streams may apply for other BC PNP programs. 

In order to apply for these new graduate streams, candidates will require a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level of 8. 

In addition, British Columbia will raise the minimum language proficiency criteria for all its streams. Only the Health Authority stream will not receive any changes, as its conditions were previously adjusted.

Notably, all the above changes are expected to take effect in January 2025.

BC PNP Latest Draw Result

British Columbia held its PNP draw on March 26 and issued 127 ITAs to immigration candidates. The province targeted the Skilled Worker International Graduate stream, including the Express Entry British Columbia (EEBC) option. 

In this draw, candidates from the following different in-demand occupations received invitations: 

  • 28 candidates skilled in childcare professions with a minimum score of 85 received invitations;
  • 21 candidates skilled in construction-related professions with a minimum score of 90 received invitations;
  • 30 candidates skilled in healthcare occupations with a minimum score of 85 received invitations;
  • 47 candidates skilled in tech-related occupations with a minimum score of 114 received invitations; and
  • At least one candidate skilled in veterinary care with a minimum score of 85 received an invitation.

You can find a full list of in-demand occupations in British Columbia on its official site. 

BC’s Skilled Worker International Graduate stream considers candidates who have graduated from an eligible university or college in Canada and who have a job offer from a British Columbia employer.  

The included EEBC option indicates that the BC PNP can invite candidates from the Express Entry pool under this stream, which indicates that it is an enhanced PNP stream.


The province of Manitoba held its provincial draw called the Manitoba PNP (MPNP) on March 26. It was a particular immigration draw for Ukranian nationals in accordance with IRCC’s special measures to help Ukrainians impacted by the Russia war.

The province of Manitoba sent 179 expressions of interest (EOI) to Ukrainian citizens who satisfied the following requirements. The EOI is equivalent to an ITA. 

  • Candidates who had a minimum CLB level 4 in each language category and a valid test result;
  • Who had a well-established link to Manitoba. This can be a close relative, family-like, community, previous employment, or studies in Manitoba;
  • Who secured a minimum score of 60 points as per MPNP criteria; and
  • Who meet all other Skilled Worker Overseas Pathway requirements, including sufficient settlement funds.


The province of Quebec has released the results of its provincial immigration draw, which was conducted on March 18.

Quebec’s government sent 1,357 invitations to candidates to apply for permanent selection.

Candidates must satisfy the following conditions to be considered for this draw.

  • They must have an oral proficiency of at least level 7 in French in accordance with the Échelle québécoise des niveaux de compétence en français. It’s a Quebec language scale for evaluating a candidate’s French ability and
  • They must have a score equal to or greater than 596 points under Quebec’s immigration system.


  • They must have at least a level 7 oral proficiency in French in accordance with the Échelle québécoise des niveaux de compétence en français; and
  • They must have a reasonable job offer outside the territory of Montréal’s metropolitan area.